Weare8 & Motiv8tors

What is WeAre8?

8 is a deeply immersive video and social experience that reimagines how content is shared, allowing people to own, control and profit from everything they upload. We believe that all of your content has economic value and that you should be able to display your content in a beautiful and imaginative way.

How does it cost to be on 8?

Free. We want you to own your content in a totally unique way. That is our passion.

Where does the name ‘8’ come from?

The concept of 8 came from the idea of infinity, and its symbol turned to its side.

Is there an 8 app?

Yes. You can view your feed and upload photos + videos on the fly.

Can I share posts on other social networks?

Yes, you can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the link to the actual post itself.

How does the ‘My Ads’ tab work?

You can choose to turn your ads on or off. Once your ads are switched on, your videos will start serving short ads to your viewership. You may also choose to black-list ads or brands at any time. Whatever money you earn on 8 you can either keep or pay-it-forward to your favorite cause.


We love feedback! Tell us what you think. Comment below or Click here


~Bluetechno – Motiv8tors dot com

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