Believe in your hustle, not luck. Growth is Beautiful.

Live the life that you want. Never let anyone tell you how you should live yours.

Life is a continuous learning experience. There is no better teacher than failure. Learn from your mistakes today so that you can improve you tomorrow.

Living a life that you want and are happy with. > Hard work breeds success. And success has no limits. You have to be willing to sacrifice and put in the hard work 24/7.

Everyone wants to influence the world, but few actually will. You want to start to influence the world? Start by looking in the mirror and influencing your selffirst. Did you invest in education? There are courses for exactly anything you can imagine and you love doing. Find some that you love, educate yourself and get ready to level up. Sometimes you need and personal development tips. It’s not only about mentors but rather starting looking for the right things online to make you change and make you an influencer. Don’t focus on numbers. Focus on providing value throughout your world.

Time is the most valuable thing that you have, so quit wasting it. If you have an idea? Make it happen! Quit making excuses. There will always be obstacles to the ideas that you want to see realized. Start doing more every day until you reach your goal because I always say progression is the key and not perfection. Step by step you will make it, steemit is a way we can earn more cash but also a community that we should trust and share our ideas because steemit is by far one of the best paying social networks.

Now I just said paying social networks, recently I am working on a new project that helps you discover paying networks including social media that pay like steemit. I am talking about the official android app, Project Bluefire. Connect and arrange various paying networks only at Project Bluefire.

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Motiv8tors experiment

We grow up. We should take important decisions in order to live a life and not just exist.

You already wasted some seconds reading the first line. Always remember in life we have to be patient. The time is now and this correct but sometimes you don’t want to rush something you want to last forever.

Me, you, him, her, them but at the end there is only us we are as one, united as one divided by zero and the reactions are the same for the Motiv8tors experiment. Power, money and sex does Continue reading “Motiv8tors experiment”

How to live a meaningful life but without money worries


wordpress2The fact that we need money it cannot be denied. We need money to pay our bills, for our education. But here comes the following question. What is the right way to treat money? How canwe live a meaningful life without money worries?

“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”-Jonathan Swift

This quote is meaningful, in my opinion it captures the essence Continue reading “How to live a meaningful life but without money worries”