Career in Public Relations and Communications? Old-fashioned or not?

wordpress1Public Relations – an old fashioned career path in digital times – do you agree or not?

Reasons why you should consider a career in Public Relations

There are some essential Continue reading “Career in Public Relations and Communications? Old-fashioned or not?”

4 Facts Brain Hacks That’ll Help You With Marketing & Sales by motiv8tors

post1The valuable 4 facts brain hacks that will help you with marketing and sales:

  1. Aim for the gut reaction: Your subject line and preheader text work together to get people to open your marketing email. Use these spaces to get your point across at an Continue reading “4 Facts Brain Hacks That’ll Help You With Marketing & Sales by motiv8tors”

Online Marketing for your business for FREE

twitter-cover We can share anything you want in groups on the social media #The8App with thousands of members. Groups of categorizing content to “Daily”,”Lol”,”Style”,”Geek”,”Life”,”Pets” and more.

You have the opportunity to control the power of your own hashtags related to your content. And then transform your content for eligible viewing and get easily thousand of views totally FREE.

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20 Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs & Business Startups

20motivationalquotesYour startup is a go, and then begins the journey.

Below are 20 motivational quotes for entrepreneurs and business startups, to give you the inspiration to remember why you’re on this journey. Read, enjoy and share!

1 – “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” –Nelson Mandela, South African Leader

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Clickbank Scam Exposed Update November 2016


Over 2K people per month active search for “Clickbank Scam” on Google.

Clickbank does not offer a business opportunity of any kind – they retail digital products provided by other sellers and manage the affiliate programs for these sellers, if required. For that reason is ridiculous when somebody thinks Continue reading “Clickbank Scam Exposed Update November 2016”

5 steps to success you should start before your 30s

Success before 30sFun in your twenties, doing harm to your body and late night partying as you’ve probably guessed, isn’t going to be a part of the following five steps.


Below are five steps to put in place before you’re thirty, so that you get the head start you deserve to bewell on your way to a bright future. Put these habits in place now, and stay consistent to reap the rewards of doing so. Continue reading “5 steps to success you should start before your 30s”

The8App Top 50 Users To Follow on The8App

top50active8usersThe8App is a Social Payment Network. Below is a list of the top 50 users to follow. However this Top 50 is not the Top 50 users with the most followers.

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GlobalInterGold Online Gold Shop

globalintergold2Rapid development of Internet and communication technologies have made gold purchasing via the OnlineGold Shop available to everyone. The international Global InterGold Online Gold Shop was establised in 2010. The company managing and representing Global InterGold is located in London, United Kingdom.

The Global InterGold representative office in Zurich provides a workspace, meeting rooms and professional services for customers in compliance with international standards and industry norms, thus ensuring Continue reading “GlobalInterGold Online Gold Shop”