Whatsaround Top 50 Users To Follow on Whatsaround App

whatsaroundtopusersWhatsaround is a Social Payment Network.

Whatsaround is a new social network. Love outdoor activities and using social media? Make money doing what you love with WhatsAround. Whatsaround welcomes early adopters with 10$ of coins. Active members getting paid for their efforts. There are levels. When you level up you can use your coins to buy paypal cash, ethereum, amazon, play store, appstore, starbucks gift cards or spend your coins at stores around you.

Below is a list of the top 50 users to follow. However this Top 50 is not the Top 50 users with the most followers.

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TV-TWO, Webtalk, Bitdegree Review


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Your whole life could change in the matter of one decision, so never give up on your dreams. And remember progression is the key and not perfection!

Motiv8tors review 2019 for TV-Two, Webtalk and Bitdegree

Let’s start with the reviews:


Two words, Entertainment + Blockchain. TV-TWO is your entertainment video app that lets you earn crypto. It is the perfect rewards app where you can watch videos and make money. If you are looking for a smooth and modern entertainment video app then you should try TV-TWO. With a cool design that lets you easily search your favorite channels. It works with machine learning and that means TV-TWO with Machine Learning enables to tailor the content to your interests and behavior. Now you may wonder how to earn or more info on how to earn with this app which is by the way available for both Continue reading “TV-TWO, Webtalk, Bitdegree Review”

Motiv8tors experiment

We grow up. We should take important decisions in order to live a life and not just exist.

You already wasted some seconds reading the first line. Always remember in life we have to be patient. The time is now and this correct but sometimes you don’t want to rush something you want to last forever.

Me, you, him, her, them but at the end there is only us we are as one, united as one divided by zero and the reactions are the same for the Motiv8tors experiment. Power, money and sex does Continue reading “Motiv8tors experiment”

What is Steemit Game? & the top active users on steemit until now

steemit-1Steemit is a Social Payment Network. Below is a list of the top 20 users to follow. However this Top 20 is not the Top 20 users with the most followers, but the most active steemit users.

Top 15 Steemit Members To Follow:

  1. alphacore
  2. reco
  3. kriptonoob
  4. umais
  5. mrwalt
  6. uwelang
  7. homeartpictures
  8. stoodkev
  9. papilloncharity
  10. becometheartist
  11. dexterroona
  12. becometheartist
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Game of Emotions by Bluetechno (Spyros Archimidis)

gif-8A new artificial intelligence game that challenges you to express the right emotion. Scan photos and find out what emotions they are hidden.

– Play with your selfies and your emotions.
– Shows detailed statistics about emotions in the picture.
– Real time analysis game of facial expressions.
– Availability to share your most dominant emotion along with your selfie with friends!

Game of Emotions will require an internet connection in order to play.

Take selfies and challenge your friends.


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How to live a meaningful life but without money worries


wordpress2The fact that we need money it cannot be denied. We need money to pay our bills, for our education. But here comes the following question. What is the right way to treat money? How canwe live a meaningful life without money worries?

“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”-Jonathan Swift

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Ten Motivational Quotes by Elon Musk

motiv8tors3Elon Musk is super active on his life, moreover he is the co-founder of Paypal, Space X, Tesla Motors, and Chairman of Solar City. If you think you are busy or too much work then read these motivational quotes to give you that extra inspiration to keep pushing through.

Top 10 motivational quotes of Elon Musk:

1 – “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk Continue reading “Ten Motivational Quotes by Elon Musk”

Why should stores, business, companies join cloud? Separate agency agreement to sell Cloud Accounts

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