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20 Motivational Quotes For Entrepreneurs & Business Startups

20motivationalquotesYour startup is a go, and then begins the journey.

Below are 20 motivational quotes for entrepreneurs and business startups, to give you the inspiration to remember why you’re on this journey. Read, enjoy and share!

1 – “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” –Nelson Mandela, South African Leader

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5 steps to success you should start before your 30s

Success before 30sFun in your twenties, doing harm to your body and late night partying as you’ve probably guessed, isn’t going to be a part of the following five steps.


Below are five steps to put in place before you’re thirty, so that you get the head start you deserve to bewell on your way to a bright future. Put these habits in place now, and stay consistent to reap the rewards of doing so. Continue reading “5 steps to success you should start before your 30s”