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Whatsaround Top 50 Users To Follow on Whatsaround App

whatsaroundtopusersWhatsaround is a Social Payment Network.

Whatsaround is a new social network. Love outdoor activities and using social media? Make money doing what you love with WhatsAround. Whatsaround welcomes early adopters with 10$ of coins. Active members getting paid for their efforts. There are levels. When you level up you can use your coins to buy paypal cash, ethereum, amazon, play store, appstore, starbucks gift cards or spend your coins at stores around you.

Below is a list of the top 50 users to follow. However this Top 50 is not the Top 50 users with the most followers.

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Project Bluefire Android

Everybody wants to be paid for their content and interactions on social media.

  • Combine paying networks into one easy to use app, navigate to each network seamlessly, chat with other members and find users based on distance, gender or age.
  • With project bluefire you can discover networks that will earn you money.
  • Loyalty points from being an active Bluefirer. Gain loyalty points for each thread you create and join the spotlight challenge.
  • Brainstorm ideas, share, learn and earn together as you progress.
  • Use teamwork and strategies to achieve your chosen goal.
  • The in house browser is simple, fast and easy to use.
  • Paying Social Networks Tutorials and Reviews.
  • Live updates. New social networks are being added frequently.

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TV-TWO, Webtalk, Bitdegree Review


I have a great info to share with you, please take a moment to read through, this is what you have been waiting for…

Launch mode on ready to rocket into 2019.

Your whole life could change in the matter of one decision, so never give up on your dreams. And remember progression is the key and not perfection!

Motiv8tors review 2019 for TV-Two, Webtalk and Bitdegree

Let’s start with the reviews:


Two words, Entertainment + Blockchain. TV-TWO is your entertainment video app that lets you earn crypto. It is the perfect rewards app where you can watch videos and make money. If you are looking for a smooth and modern entertainment video app then you should try TV-TWO. With a cool design that lets you easily search your favorite channels. It works with machine learning and that means TV-TWO with Machine Learning enables to tailor the content to your interests and behavior. Now you may wonder how to earn or more info on how to earn with this app which is by the way available for both Continue reading “TV-TWO, Webtalk, Bitdegree Review”

Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet (2018)

Motiv8tors together with BWC(Bitcoins Wealth Club) society provides in public the top 5 technical analysis indicators to determine in less than 5 minutes when is a good time to trade for profits!

First of all let’s talk about the goals, your goals with trading cryptocurrencies:
– Increase the amount of Bitcoin that you currently have.
-Accumulate cryptocurrencies for the long term buying them at low prices at the dips so that you can sell them later for big profits.
-Protect your wealth and increase your financial net worth in USD value

And the only way you are going to accomplish those goals is with these trading indicators I am going to explain to you in simple words.

Also couple of very crucial rules to ensure you minimize your risks

  • Make sure you hold your Bitcoin and altcoins in Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet for your long term holdings if you don’t trade them.
  • Spread your trading funds out over 2-3 exchanges, that way if one gets hacked your total trading portfolio is not wiped out.
  • Risk no more than 1-2% of your account per any trade.
  • The higher the trading amount the lower should be your stop loss. For example on $1,000 trade you may put 10% stop loss and $50,000 trade 2% stop loss.
  • Start small, whatever capital in Bitcoin you can put into the market and won’t lose any sleep over and practise first on small trades (0.5% of your trading account per trade)
  • The strategy in the bear market is to make consistently 1% – 5% gains
  • Go for more quality trades than quantity of trades, trade less and earn more! If the trade is not good and all indicators tell to buy, don’t buy.
  • Take 100% responsibility for your trading decisions even if you are using trading signals!
  • Remember that markets always have cycles, so don’t be greedy (take profits and exit trades) and don’t be fearful (sell in bear trends when asset is undervalued)

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BitDegree and Network Science

bitdegreeiconMetcalfe’s law, the bitcoin, the ethereum and their value. I am a Data Scientist student and I took a course with Dr. Fragkiskos Papadopoulos on Network Science. I know a little bit about everything regarding network science and today I will talk to you about the basics to calculate Metcalfe’s law on your own and track bitcoin but also any other coin you want like ethereum and their network value.

Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of its nodes, i.e. N². Formulated around 1980 in the context of communication devices by Robert M. Metcalfe, the idea behind Metcalfe’s law is that the more individuals use a network, the more valuable it becomes. Indeed, the more of your friends use email, the more valuable the service is to you.

During the Internet boom of the late 1990s Metcalfe’s law was frequently used to offer a quantitative valuation for Internet companies. It suggested that the value of a service is proportional to the number of connections it can create, which is the square of the number of its users. In contrast the cost grows only linearly with N. Hence if the service attracts sufficient number of users, it will inevitably become profitable, as N² will surpass N at some large N (Figure 1). Metcalfe’s Law therefore supported a “build it and they will Continue reading “BitDegree and Network Science”

What is Steemit Game? & the top active users on steemit until now

steemit-1Steemit is a Social Payment Network. Below is a list of the top 20 users to follow. However this Top 20 is not the Top 20 users with the most followers, but the most active steemit users.

Top 15 Steemit Members To Follow:

  1. alphacore
  2. reco
  3. kriptonoob
  4. umais
  5. mrwalt
  6. uwelang
  7. homeartpictures
  8. stoodkev
  9. papilloncharity
  10. becometheartist
  11. dexterroona
  12. becometheartist
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Why should stores, business, companies join cloud? Separate agency agreement to sell Cloud Accounts

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