Whatsaround Top 50 Users To Follow on Whatsaround App

whatsaroundtopusersWhatsaround is a Social Payment Network.

Whatsaround is a new social network. Love outdoor activities and using social media? Make money doing what you love with WhatsAround. Whatsaround welcomes early adopters with 10$ of coins. Active members getting paid for their efforts. There are levels. When you level up you can use your coins to buy paypal cash, ethereum, amazon, play store, appstore, starbucks gift cards or spend your coins at stores around you.

Below is a list of the top 50 users to follow. However this Top 50 is not the Top 50 users with the most followers.

Top 50 Whatsaround Users To Follow:

  • TheRandomOne
  • frawstakwa
  • mrtoffee
  • jacobkaled
  • callmemaybe
  • vik.raj70
  • helenasalimi83
  • antoniodavid1
  • JGL
  • homeartpictures
  • soncee
  • ChuckinFlorida
  • Simba
  • Weloveamsterdam
  • ChrissyWorld
  • TeriRoss
  • Majormine
  • Teamtraveltelly
  • Panky
  • Jennwhyfer
  • Gfgreister2
  • Deano
  • nion
  • ruzgarligunler
  • Doutlaw311
  • Fleshbone08
  • bbghitte
  • alexanderjung793
  • VotecFisch
  • Eugene
  • Jennwhyfer
  • Heldiggris
  • Gizemgultnc
  • shizzle
  • jivinjules
  • mirko_sprenger
  • jotolidi
  • …more spots for the top members are available. Comment below and recommend your favorite user. The “Top 50 Whatsaround Users” list will be updated again in 2 weeks.

This list it is calculated based on the following questions:

Do you post original content?

Are you creative?

Do you share your content to other social networks or websites?

Do you engage?

Do you help new members?

So if you want to be on the list try to be more active. Great things are coming to Whatsaround. Lately we had an update on the earnings that went live. Watch videos and earn. Watch 15 videos, earn 1 bonus coin. Or Get 20 WoWs(similar to a like), earn 1 Shotcoin. To buy WoWs you use your Shotcoin balance, you can buy 100 WoWs for 6 Shotcoins. Simple tools to monetize the posts you create on the platform. You can choose to show or hide your location. You can find how to hide your Whatsaround’s shot location on this article. You can make money by taking shots around you. This list will be updated again in 2 weeks.


PS: Don’t Forget To Follow Me On Whatsaround ⇒ bluetechno

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