Project Bluefire Android

Everybody wants to be paid for their content and interactions on social media.

  • Combine paying networks into one easy to use app, navigate to each network seamlessly, chat with other members and find users based on distance, gender or age.
  • With project bluefire you can discover networks that will earn you money.
  • Loyalty points from being an active Bluefirer. Gain loyalty points for each thread you create and join the spotlight challenge.
  • Brainstorm ideas, share, learn and earn together as you progress.
  • Use teamwork and strategies to achieve your chosen goal.
  • The in house browser is simple, fast and easy to use.
  • Paying Social Networks Tutorials and Reviews.
  • Live updates. New social networks are being added frequently.

Project Bluefire: Unlock the secrets of earning for being social today.


iOS version coming soon…

Other mobile apps from project bluefire:

  • Live Traffic Map and Weather 2019 (beta)

A Live traffic and weather application. Instead of searching on the web for weather forecasts and live traffic city-by-city, get all the information you need all at the same time, in a simple user interface app without disturbing you with ads.

* Live Traffic Map, for all regions of the globe.

* Check the current weather

* Availability to choose a city from the most popular city list.

* Real time results.

* Very high accuracy in both the temperature and the live road traffic. The 2019 edition offers only the latest traffic

playstore appstore


Regards Bluetechno

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