What is Steemit Game? & the top active users on steemit until now

steemit-1Steemit is a Social Payment Network. Below is a list of the top 20 users to follow. However this Top 20 is not the Top 20 users with the most followers, but the most active steemit users.

Top 15 Steemit Members To Follow:

  1. alphacore
  2. reco
  3. kriptonoob
  4. umais
  5. mrwalt
  6. uwelang
  7. homeartpictures
  8. stoodkev
  9. papilloncharity
  10. becometheartist
  11. dexterroona
  12. becometheartist
  13. cryptoindex
  14. spacehd
  15. kid4life
  16. alexshin
  17. engagement
  18. informationwar
  19. detlev
  20. motivationclub

This list it is calculated based on the following questions:

Do you post original content?

  • Are you creative?
  • Do you repost a lot?
  • Do you share your content to other social networks or websites?
  • Do you engage?
  • Do you help new members?

So if you want to be on the list try to be more active. Great things are coming to steemit. Steemit is the revolution of blogging.

Steemit Game is a mobile game for Steemit. More info coming soon…with a 2nd tutorial video to explain in depth what is it about. However, the official tutorial of the Steemit Game is available on youtube: A fun artificial intelligence game & the functionality to have Steemit on your mobile where you can upvote, comment or resteem posts. iOS version may come soon for the iphone fans.

🔷️Takeselfiess and challenge your friends
🔷️Browse Steemit on android

How can a simple mobile game like ColorSwitch generate 50m downloads and a game with artificial intelligence (e.g Steemit Game) have less than 50?
Simple answer: People like simple, dumb fun. And color switch is a pretty basic game. It’s to do with money also. Some companies pay a lot of money in advertisements through social networks and even they “pay per download”.

The success of a game has little if anything to do with how hard it was to make. Simple games can be effective. Complex games can be unfun.

Even beyond that, many great games go unnoticed, and mediocre games games have success. Also ColorSwitch had an initial beta testing period where they tested the game functionality against millions of players.

Artificial intelligence games is the new era. “Steemit game by bluetechno” or even “Bluetechno game” for finding it on the play store is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and deep learning and more especially facial expressions machine learning algorithms. A sum up an AI game which needs sometimes 1 year to be implemented rather than a simple game like ColorSwitch.

“Steemit Game” is a selfie game by Bluetechno team on android google play. However this game is not for iPhones, an iOS game is still in development and is going to be ready on apple store as soon as possible.

More details about “Steemit Game”:

  1. Never ever use your active key to sign into any app or browser on your mobile phone.
  2. Never ever copy a steemit key to your clipboard on your mobile phone.
  3. Every app has the ability to access your keys and the text you save to your clipboard.
  4. Use posting key only.

A new game updated on play store on November 24, 2017.

PS: Don’t Forget To Follow Me On Steemit =>Bluetechno

PS: Don’t Forget To Follow Me On Gab => Bluetechno



~ Spyros Archimidis

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