Stop Being Lazy: Five Steps To Make Each Day Count

motiv8tors6The guilt eats at you when you think about the day you’ve just had. You could do more and you could have accomplished so much more. Watching videos on youtube, being online on facebook for hours and by the end of the day, you try to remind yourself that you’ll have more productive days soon or that today was break time again.

Five steps:

Step 1: The first eight hours of your day are the most important start seeing them as the foundation. In those hours, get as much of the high-stakes stuff done.

Step 2: Use a software tool like “Todoist” or a paper notebook, and get everything out of your head so that you can see your life objectively. Also, write down 3-5 tasks you want to accomplish daily, either in the morning or the night before. Moreover, know what do you want most and that’s your single biggest priority each day.

Step 3: Use a timer and set it to no longer than sixty minutes so that you have a break to look forward to when you’re working on longer tasks.

Step 4: Work on your most challenging to-do first thing after your morning routine so that you force yourself to stop being lazy.

Step 5: Plan as much of your next week as you can on Sunday for example. Theming each coming day with this way with the single project you want to focus on i.e: Mondays to research or writing, Tuesday jogging day and etc.

With these steps, if you follow them, be 100% sure that your productivity will go to the next level.

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