Career in Public Relations and Communications? Old-fashioned or not?

wordpress1Public Relations – an old fashioned career path in digital times – do you agree or not?

Reasons why you should consider a career in Public Relations

There are some essential new areas of activity that could re-define the future of public relations.

Search engine optimization

What does PR have to do with SEO? Maybe everything. The days of backlink trickery and schemes are over. Yet earning backlinks from a variety of credible sources is still a powerful signal to Google that you matter.

Influence marketing

Influence marketing belongs in the PR department because this is a group that is normally already un-linked from quarterly sales goals. Their job is to build healthy working relationships with the press, community, and other stakeholders over a long period of time. Influence marketing is a vital, growing discipline and the best fit is PR.

Content distribution

A growing marketing need is content distribution. Today, great content isn’t the finish line. Great content is the starting line. We have to optimize our investment in content and determine other likely channels where the content could be distributed. This’s not far from pitching press releases to media outlets, is it? Creating content distribution strategies should be a natural activity for a PR professional.


Can PR evolve and embrace these crucial new activities? Time will tell but the smartest professionals will grab hold of these opportunities and drive measurable new value to the enterprise.

Your thoughts? Please comment below. This is an excerpt of an article originally published by Mark Schaefer on his blog:

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