4 Facts Brain Hacks That’ll Help You With Marketing & Sales by motiv8tors

post1The valuable 4 facts brain hacks that will help you with marketing and sales:

  1. Aim for the gut reaction: Your subject line and preheader text work together to get people to open your marketing email. Use these spaces to get your point across at an emotional level. Use words that create excitement, urgency or even low-grade anxiety.
  2. Design for scanning: We’re not reading in our inboxes anymore.So imagine your marketing email without any text at all – if you’ve created a story or stirred an emotion with your just imaged, you’re on the right track.
  3. Make it easy to act: Consider including a face that looks toward your call to action. Close-ups work best, and eye-tracking studies show we’ll look where they’re looking. (We’re predictable like that.)
  4. Test, and test again: Every audience is different, so it’s important to run a few tests to discover how color affects response. Color studies just help you figure out what to test with your own readers. Who knows, maybe periwinkle is your key to conversations.

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