5 steps to success you should start before your 30s

Success before 30sFun in your twenties, doing harm to your body and late night partying as you’ve probably guessed, isn’t going to be a part of the following five steps.


Below are five steps to put in place before you’re thirty, so that you get the head start you deserve to bewell on your way to a bright future. Put these habits in place now, and stay consistent to reap the rewards of doing so.

Regularly exercise

It’s crucial to make sure you have a place in your busy schedule to physically invest in yourself. As you get towards the later end of your thirties, your body will start changing and you’ll lose muscle. By putting in place physical exercise now, you’ll create a habit so the routine becomes a part of who you are. If you’re not looking after your health, then it becomes worthless having all the riches in the world; you’ll become physically sick and won’t be able to enjoy your wealth anyway.

I should also mention to make sure you do something physical that you’ll enjoy. If it’s something you see as a chore, you’ll subconsciously put hurdles in place that’ll prevent yourself from following through. To learn more about this, read about push and pull motivations. You can do that here.

Be at peace and stop being harsh on yourself

One of the big issues people in their twenties face is that they often compare themselves to their peers, or try to please everyone around them. As you get older, you’ll learn that it’s impossible to please everyone, and trying to do so will only cause you unnecessary stress. The sooner you stop investing energy in trying to please everyone, the sooner you can use that same energy investing in yourself and the people around you that matter.

Being grateful is one of the keys to success. In young adulthood, it’s only natural to compare yourself to others and ‘gauge’ where you’re at within your social circle. However if you do this at the expense of your personal happiness, it’ll only be detrimental to your success. The more you focus on others, the less you can focus on yourself, so rather then seeing what everyone else is doing, look at your own situation and constantly learn everyday what you can do to make yourself physically and mentally grow.

Write down your goals

One of the mistakes a lot of people make are that they aren’t clear on exactly what they want. I can’t stress this enough – write down your goals! The mere action of putting your goals into writing makes it 10x more possible that you’ll actually achieve them. Know what you want, and work backwards in writing to find out what you need to make it happen. The struggle with people doing this is they usually say they don’t have the time. If you don’t have the time to invest in your own future, then how do you possibly think you can be successful? Keep a journal, and start writing out your goals.

Start saving

It’s becoming more and more common today of people entering their thirties with little to no savings. When you finally arrive to the realization that you may want to start pursuing your goals, you’ll look into your bank account with stress and dismay. In order to pursue happiness and the journey of getting your business together, you’ll need seed capital and funds. Start putting money aside now so that you can reap the rewards later. Put your money aside into three accounts – one for expenses, one for your investments, and one you don’t touch for personal security.

Get the right amount of rest

If you expect your body to function at peak performance, you need to give it the adequate rest that it needs. If your body isn’t getting the right rest it needs, your not going to be able to focus and won’t achieve the day to day tasks required to be successful towards reaching your goals. Oversleeping will also result in you getting tired, so keep this in mind and don’t do it too often. A rested body and mind is the most powerful tool towards getting s#*t done, so don’t slip up on this.

If you can think of anything else you’ve experienced or would recommend, feel free to put them into the comments to our The8App Page: BlueTechno!

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