GlobalInterGold Online Gold Shop

globalintergold2Rapid development of Internet and communication technologies have made gold purchasing via the OnlineGold Shop available to everyone. The international Global InterGold Online Gold Shop was establised in 2010. The company managing and representing Global InterGold is located in London, United Kingdom.

The Global InterGold representative office in Zurich provides a workspace, meeting rooms and professional services for customers in compliance with international standards and industry norms, thus ensuring the safety of customers worldwide.



Gold bars of the highest 999,9 quality from world’s renowned manufacturers with weights from 1 to 100 grams.

In 2016, the Online Gold Shop launched the production of GIG-branded investment-grade gold bars with weights from 1 to 100 grams. These gold bars come in GIG-branded packagings and have been accredited by the LBMA and DMCC.


Global InterGold offers its customers the opportunity to buy physical gold and create a personal gold reserve at minimal cost in exchange for the promotion of the Online Gold Shop product and services.

With the GoldSet marketing incentives program, customers can:

  1. Enter the gold market with a reliable business tool
  2. Create a stable source of income
  3. Achieve financial stability and sustainability

Objective of the company:

To revitalize the historic assets of the planet and make them accessible to the people.

Company’s mission:

Global InterGold seeks to provide people the products, tools and opportunities to enable them to build foundations for their welfare. We strive to make these opportunities available so that more people can become successful, wealthy and free, pursue their potential and attain meaningful success as well as a high, healthy standard of living on the planet.


Visit GlobalInterGold!

And a gift from me to myself after all the hardwork.



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