Clickbank Scam Exposed Update November 2016


Over 2K people per month active search for “Clickbank Scam” on Google.

Clickbank does not offer a business opportunity of any kind – they retail digital products provided by other sellers and manage the affiliate programs for these sellers, if required. For that reason is ridiculous when somebody thinks Clickbank is a scam.

November 2016 Update. Clickbank is not a scam, but how it really works?

Clickbank is one of the world’s largest online retailer that primarily sells digital content. It currently boasts over 10K  products that you can promote in your blog or website, which include e-books, tutorials, software, and subscription-based products.


These products are offered by the people who pay a fee to have their products featured in the Marketplace of Clickbank. You can also ask for refund and 90% you will get 100% money-back refund within one week or maximum ten days.

Two options:

  1. Becoming a Clickbank Affiliate
  2. Becoming a Clickbank Vendor

Option 1: Affiliate

If you do not have your own digital product, membership site, software or even e-book to sell you can instead sell other people’s products and services in return for a commision. This is simply called registering as an affiliate marketer and could be one of the reasons why you hear “clickbank is a scam”.

Finally, this affiliate marketing network offers allows you advanced reporting features. With these reports you can view detailed data about clicks, impressions, sales, and more.

The reason people think is a scam when they join as an affiliate is what happens when people buy a “make money” program that teaches them how to become an affiliate marketer and these products usually encourage beginners to start by promoting Clickbank products. So the new person follows the instructions, does not have any great success and then screams “clickbank scam” out of desperation. When, in fact, their failure had absolutely nothing to do with Clickbank. But it had everything to do with their marketing methods and the instructions of the product they purchased.


  • High Commissions
  • Easy to Sing Up and Promote
  • Multi-Language
  • Convenient Payment Schedule
  • Ability to Set Payment Threshold


Email support is a bit slow to respond but that does not makes it unavailable.

Steps for registration as a ClickBank affiliate:

  1. Create a FREE account – To get started as an affiliate, first you’ll need to create a free account. This takes just a couple of minutes and when complete, you’ll be ready to start marketing and making some money.
  2. Find a Product or Two to Promote – Once you have a Clickbank Usersname – you’re ready to find a product to promote. The best place to start is to venture into the Marketplace and go through the various categories. Another option would be to sign up for a Clickbank management tool like which gives you an inside into the best selling products, which pay the most commissions and which offer a nice monthly residual.
  3. Start Marketing – Once you have picked a product you will be given an affiliate link to promote. Now you simply share that link on forums, via youtube videos, on your web site or blog. Write a product review and maybe even offer a bonus. You can also consider running some paid advertising if that makes sense.

Option 2: Vendor

Here you are becoming a producer. You are getting your product exposed to a large number of active affiliate marketers who’s goal is to promote and sell other people’s products and services to earn a commission.

Selling your digital product through ClickBank is one of the best ways to quickly get exposure and sales for your product. Within a few business days, you can be up and running and have your product promoted by our huge network of affiliates.

Steps for registration as a ClickBank vendor:

  1. Sign Up as a Vendor
  2. Create a Sales Page and Receipt Page
  3. Make a Payment Link & Add to Your Page
  4. Complete Product Profile within Account
  5. Complete Company Profile within Account
  6. Test Your Payment Link (Paypal is Default Option)
  7. Request Product Approval (Takes 2-10 Days)
  8. Pay One-Time $49.95 Activation Charge
  9. Wait for Approval

Clickbank is simply a retail seller of various products and an affiliate management system. Moreover they have paid their affiliates on time for over 14 years.



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